Wicked Wired 305m Blue CAT5E UTP Stranded Network Cable Roll

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CAT5E (Enhanced) cables support networking at 10/100 and 1000 over short distances and are backwards compatible with standard CAT5 cables. Colour coded blue for immediate and easy identification.

* Cable specification: CAT5E Stranded UTP.
* Cable roll length: 305 meters.
* Colour coding: Blue.

Solid vs Stranded Network Cable:

Cat5e and Cat6 network cable comes in a solid conductor format and in stranded conductor formats. Solid conductor uses one solid wire per conductor, whereas stranded conductor uses multiple wires wrapped around each other in each conductor. Solid conductor cable is most useful for structured wiring within a building. It is easily punched down onto wall jacks and patch panels since it is a single conductor. Stranded cable is much less useful for punching down on wall jacks because the strands do not keep their perfect round shape when thrust into an insulation displacement connector. As a basic usage guide, use solid for wall jacks and stranded for crimp connectors. Stranded cable is typically used to create patch cables. The cable itself is more flexible and rolls up well. RJ45 terminators typically have a better connection to stranded wires than solid wire.

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