Pro’sKit Fiber Optic Tool Kit

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The 1PK-940KN-F from Proskit Industries is a fiber optic tool kit.
Fiber optic visual fault locator (LC connector)Fiber optic visual fault locator (FC/SC/ST)Foam swabs cleaning kit Fiber optic viewing scope kit (SC/PC/FC)Fiber optic viewing scope disk (LC)Fiber optical stripper Carbide fiber scribal/SC/ST Fiber polishing disk Universal syringe 2.5ml8.7″ fiber optic crimping tool Fiber optic Kevlar cutter Utility component storage box Deluxe compact tool case 9.8″ x 8.3″ x 3.5″.
  • Set of 8 components
  • Net weight of 13Kg
  • Carrying zipper bag of 280mm x 197mm x 70mm
  • 103-132C: Utility component storage box
  • 1FB-SC: SC polishing disk
  • 1FB-ST: ST polishing disk
  • 1PK-258A: Side Cutter 125mm
  • 8PK-301F1: Firber optic crimping tool
  • 8PK-326: Fiber optical tools
  • 8PK-C002: Foam swabs cleaning kit
  • 8PK-MA009: Fiber optic viewing scope kit
  • 9G100N: Universal syringe 2.5ml
  • DK-2026N: Carbide fiber sceibe
  • DK-2043: Fiber optic kevlar cutter
  • 9Z-940KP: Carrying zipper bag (280x197x70mm)

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