HP Fast Dry Black SPS Systems

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The C6195A Fast Dry Black disposable print cartridge contains water-resistant, pigment-based ink that produces exceptional results at high speeds on porous media. This innovation in HP inkjet technology has been specially designed and manufactured for use in industrial printing markets.

Fast Dry Black ink dries in less than one second on porous media. The print cartridge is designed to print 600 dots per inch for use in applications where high-quality output is required. Non-contact, drop-on-demand inkjet technology delivers reliable, quiet printing. Integrated Driver Head (IDH) technology coordinates individual nozzles through a multiplexing scheme that fires all 300 nozzles through 52 interconnect pads.

The print cartridge can be snapped in and out for easy replacement. The cartridge also has a thermal sense resistor, which measures temperature and enables thermal management and burnout protection for the printhead.


The HP Fast Dry Black Print Cartridge offers:
– Higher production and faster printing on porous media without heating or drying
– Sharp, dark black text with high optical density in a single pass
– Fast-drying, water-resistant ink that prevents bleeding or streaking
– Easy replacement, which supports high print quality and lowers maintenance costs

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