Canon LS390HBL Calculator

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Canon LS 390H

    Key Features :

  • Dual Powered – Solar with automatic battery back-up. Enables use anywhere, anytime
  • 8 digit extra large liquid crystal disply
  • Unique 360° Upward Folding Protective Hard Cover – Helps protect the calculator from day to day knocks and bumps
  • Extra Large Display – For instant recognition of your figures
  • Large Plastic Keys – Makes keying easier and minimise keying errors
  • Large Keytop Characters – Makes the keys easy to read
  • Memory Function – Saves writing down subtotals and adding them up later
  • Sign Change Key – Allows for easy calculation of negative numbers
  • Automatic Constant Function – Allows you to multiply or divide by the same number on a constant basis
  • Size: 73.5 x 119.5 x 11.5mm
  • Weight: 62g
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