Lenovo Software SANsymphony VL16-100 3 Year Support

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DataCore SANsymphony Software
DataCore SANsymphony™ software is a comprehensive and scalable storage services platform designed to maximize the performance, availability and utilization of your IT assets, no matter how diverse they may be, or what topology you’ve chosen. The software runs in the data path and has visibility to all the read and write traffic generated by applications. It uses DataCore Parallel I/O Technology,in combination with the DX8200D’s powerful x86-64 processors and high-speed RAM caching to service read/write requests quickly, while automatically moving data between spinning disks and flash to optimize performance. Data is mirrored in real-time between separate storage systems to maintain continuous availability despite equipment and site outages. Extensive automation frees system administrators to care for other parts of their infrastructure. DataCore supports all of the popular storage devices from flash and disks inside servers to storage arrays and public cloud storage.

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License typeBase
License term in years3 year(s)
Recommended processorIntel Xeon E5-2620 v4