mbeat 3A/15W Dual Port USB and Cigarette Lighter Charger

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The mbeat Dual port USB and cigarette lighter charger features dual port USB design with 3A current output and two extra cigarette lighter expanders.

This device allows users to charge 2 digital devices – be it a Samsung Galaxy Pad, iPad or Smartphone – simultaneously. The extra cigarette lighter expander can also power additional digital devices such as a GPS, music transmitter or USB fan.

Made from robust components, this durable device also includes a free Velcro sticker, making attaching or removing the device from your dashboard a hassle-free process.

  • Dual port USB and car lighter design
  • Fast-charging with 3A output current 
  • Support +5V powered digital device 
  • Capable to work with 12V or 24V vehicle
  • Include free Velcro sticker to attach to your dash

USB-C202 mbeat 3A/15W Dual Port USB and Cigarette Lighter Charger


  • Input voltage: DC 12V/24V
  • Output current: 5A (total)
  • USB output voltage: 5V
  • USB output current: Max . 3A (total)
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